Did discord ban andrew tate?

Discord is a chat app with a following of millions of users. Recently, they banned a well-known user, Andrew Tate. This has caused many people to question why they would do such a thing.

There is no definite answer to this question as Discord does not release information on why a user was banned. However, it is speculated that Andrew Tate was banned from Discord for breaking the site’s rules or for inappropriate behavior.

What is Bannable on Discord?

Posting or leaking any information, factual or not, about the staff team in other discord servers that can provoke drama or controversy is strictly forbidden and will result in a discord + ingame ban if found. This specifically includes stuff such as announcing staff members getting fired, on probation, etc.

It has come to light that users are getting banned for simply changing their profile pictures on Discord. This is a serious issue as many people use Discord for communication and networking purposes. If people are getting banned for such a minor infraction, it could deter them from using the platform altogether. Discord needs to address this issue urgently and take measures to ensure that users are not unfairly banned for changing their profile pictures.

Does Discord ban NSFW

age-restricted content is any content that is not suitable for all ages. This includes, but is not limited to, profanity, violence, sexual content, and illegal content. If you are unsure whether or not your content is age-restricted, please consult a moderator or administrator. All age-restricted content must be placed in an age-gated channel, and must be clearly labeled as such. Users who post age-restricted content in non-age-gated channels will be banned from the server.

If you have been given a server ban, it is at the discretion of the server’s admin team, so it could be lifted at any time. If you have been given a platform ban, it is a permanent ban.

Can you put NSFW PFP on Discord?

NSFW images are not allowed on Discord. If you try to upload one, it will be censored, blurred, or replaced with the default profile picture.

If someone has a nsfw profile pic it should be easy to just report the user by pressing the reporting button and choose “Inappropriate profile pic” send the username and code and it should be done. It’s that simple! Just make sure you have a valid reason for reporting the user before you do so.

Can Discord users see why they were banned?

If you are banned from a Discord server, you will not be notified of the reason for the ban. If you are banned for a specific reason, you may be able to appeal the ban by contacting the server administrator.

As an open platform, Discord comes with some risks, especially for younger users. Parents are well-advised to take the 13+ age restriction seriously, and ensure kids are prepared to deal with adult content and potential contact with strangers before they sign on.

Why did Apple block NSFW on Discord

Apple has a strict policy against pornography and doesn’t allow any apps in the App Store that are primarily used to distribute pornography. However, it is possible that Discord would be able to remain unchanged with a 17+ rating, as it has NSFW servers in place.

Discord’s Terms of Service states that only users who are 13 years or older may use its service in the US. That said, there are children under 13 who use Discord. The company has said it is developing a “gate” that asks users to self-report their date of birth upon creating an account.

Can Discord delete your account?

If you want to disable your account, simply click on the “Disable Account” button. This will deactivate your account and you will no longer be able to log in. If you want to delete your account, click on the “Delete Account” button. Please note that this action is irreversible and all your data will be permanently deleted.

1. Switch out your Media Access Control (MAC) address:

Your MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to your computer by the manufacturer. By changing your MAC address, you can often bypass IP bans.

2. Change your IP address using a VPN:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can change your IP address by routing your internet connection through a server in a different location. This can be helpful if you’re trying to access a website that’s blocked in your country.

3. Clear your computer’s cache & ‘digital residue’:

When you visit a website, your computer stores a temporary copy of the site in its memory (known as the cache). Clearing your cache can sometimes help you bypass IP bans. You can also try clearing your DNS cache, which may also be storing information that’s preventing you from accessing a banned website.

4. Uninstall the program or browser:

If you’re ban from a specific program or website, uninstalling the program or browser may be your best bet. This will remove all of the files associated with the program or browser, including any that may be causing the IP ban.

Does Discord read reports

When we receive a report from a Discord user, the Trust & Safety team looks through the available evidence and gathers as much information as possible. This investigation is centered around the reported messages, but can expand if the evidence shows that there’s a bigger violation. We take all reports seriously and appreciate the effort that our users put into making Discord a safe and welcoming community.

In order to appeal a Discord ban, you must be 18 years of age or older and have access to a desktop PC, Android mobile device, or the Discord web app. To appeal, you will need: A photo of yourself, A picture of your photo ID that includes your date of birth, A photo of a piece of paper with your full Discord tag clearly written and username.

Do police investigate Discord?

Discord will work with law enforcement agencies in cases of immediate danger and/or self-harm, pursuant to 18 USC $ 2702. They will swiftly report child abuse material and the users responsible to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Discord is a secure platform that does not share users’ information with third parties unless required by law. Therefore, if you are using Discord, your information will not be reported to the police unless you are suspected of breaking the law.

How do I report a 12 year old on Discord

If you become aware of an underage user on Discord, please send an email to [email protected].

Discord is banned in a few locations, such as China, the UAE, Egypt, Iran, Oman, and North Korea. The main reason for the ban is because of the platform’s potential for enabling communication between people who are not supposed to be in contact with each other.

Warp Up

Discord has not banned Andrew Tate.

There is no evidence that Discord banned Andrew Tate. However, it is possible that Tate was banned from Discord for violating the platform’s terms of service.

Anthony Shaw is political scientist interested in world known influencer Andrew Tate who is at the moment one of the most polarizing figures in the world of social media.

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