Did andrew tate respond to ksi?

On August 25, 2019, YouTube personality and professional boxer, KSI, issued a public challenge to Internet celebrity and jujitsu expert, Andrew Tate. The challenge was for the two to have a boxing match, which would be streamed live on KSI’s YouTube channel. On September 3, Tate responded to the challenge via an Instagram post. In the post, he accepted the challenge and said that he would be willing to fight KSI.

Yes, Andrew Tate did respond to KSI.

What did KSI say to Andrew Tate?

KSI is right – he doesn’t want to be put on a pedestal. He just wants to be a good person and try to be fair to everyone. That’s a great attitude to have.

It seems that KSI is convinced that Andrew Tate is avoiding a fight with him or Logan Paul because he knows that he would lose. KSI believes that Tate’s image would be tarnished if he lost to either of them, and that is why he is making excuses. It will be interesting to see if this fight ever happens, and if so, who would come out victorious.

Does KSI want to fight Andrew Tate

KSI is willing to fight Andrew Tate in 2023. KSI has said that he has wanted to fight Andrew Tate for a while now and that Tate has been calling him out constantly.

It’s disappointing to see someone with such archaic and misogynistic views in 2019. It’s even more disappointing that he feels entitled to share these views publicly and try to justify them with false claims about men’s “authority” over women. This just goes to show how much progress we still need to make in terms of gender equality.

What does JJ stand for KSI?

KSI is a popular YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers. He is known for his gaming videos, but also posts vlogs, challenges, and other types of videos. His channel has been active since 2009. KSI’s real name is Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji, Jr and he lives in London.

KSI defeated Logan Paul in a boxing match that was held on 9 November 2019, at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. KSI won the match via split decision, with two judges scoring the bout 56–55 and 57–54 in favour of KSI, and a third judge scoring the fight 56–55 in favour of Paul.

Is KSI friends with Logan?

Logan is in an uncomfortable position because he fought KSI and they have become friends and business partners. This is because they co-founded the Prime Hydration drinks company that has taken the world by storm, while they also started a podcast together.

It is good that KSI is giving his brother Deji some tough love and telling him to hang up his boxing gloves for good. After all, Deji did lose his last fight against Alex Wassabi pretty badly. It is understandable that KSI wants his brother to avoid a similar fate, given their close relationship.

Did KSI quit

KSi eventually rage quit after failing to set up his Minecraft account. This is something that Miniminter recounts. It seems that KSi just got frustrated and gave up after a while.

KSI, one of the Sidemen and one of the key figures in the infamous Sidemen beef, has revealed that the beef was indeed a made-up quarrel. He told FLAGRANT, “It was meant to be like fake and then it turned real. So, I was leaving the Sidemen and went to LA.”

KSI’s departure from the Sidemen caused tensions to arise between him and the other members, which eventually boiled over into the beef. However, it seems that all is now well between KSI and the Sidemen, as he has revealed that the beef was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Does KSI own Logan PRIME?

Prime is a line of sports drinks, drink mixes, and energy drinks created and marketed by Prime Hydration, LLC. The brand is promoted, and partially owned, by Logan Paul and KSI. Prime’s products are designed to help athletes stay hydrated and perform at their best. The line includes a variety of flavors and options, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a pre-workout boost or a post-workout recovery, Prime has you covered.

According to Andrew Tate, he earned an annual income of $100,000-$200,000 from professional kickboxing. His highest earning from a single fight was $200,000.

What is everything bad Andrew Tate has done

The man in question is an ex-kickboxing champion who has been arrested on charges of rape and human trafficking. He employed up to 75 women in a webcam business, and some have accused him of imprisoning them and forcing them to perform sex work. This is a serious matter, and the authorities are currently investigating the man’s alleged crimes.

Tate is a controversial figure who is known for his outspoken views on male dominance, female submission and wealth. He has been banned from social media platforms in the past for his advocacy of violence against women, but was recently reinstated by Elon Musk after he took over Twitter.

What does JJ stand for in JJ?

Nowadays, most people use the acronym JK (which stands for “just kidding”) instead of JJ. JJ was more popular during online chat’s infancy, back when dial-up Internet and AOL Instant Messenger were big deals.

The Sidemen is a group of British YouTubers who are all friends with each other. They often collaborate on videos and have a large following online. They are known for their playful and light-hearted personalities and their willingness to interact with their fans.

Does KSI own misfits

KSI is one of the biggest names in boxing, and he just got even bigger by signing a five-year promotional deal with DAZN. This is a huge move for KSI, as DAZN is one of the biggest streaming services in the world. With this deal, KSI will be able to promote his own boxing events and matches, which is a huge opportunity for him to grow his brand. This is a great move for KSI, and it will be interesting to see what he does with this new platform.

With two even if chaotic rounds following, KSI was awarded a split decision, with Paul then appealing the decision and losing. Neither fighter has stepped away from the ring as they prepare for the DAZN X event on August 27, show live on DAZN.


Yes, Andrew Tate did respond to KSI’s video. He made a video himself in response, which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JZ_D3uU2Sc

There is no clear answer to this question. Andrew Tate has not directly addressed the claims made by KSI in his video, and it is not clear if he has seen or heard the video. However, some people have speculated that Tate might be planning to release his own video response, and so far there has been no response from Tate.

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